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I am Melitza, I am married to my High School sweetheart Diego and a mother to two amazing children Diego Jr. & Mya. I am also a PCOS Cyster, I have PCOS it does not have me!

Hey there beautiful! Welcome!

I must first start off by saying, I am so excited that you are here!

In 2010, my life completely changed when a stranger, My coach Saudi , introduced me to the missing piece of my puzzle that would very soon become one of my biggest passions in life, my inspiration for my own personal change, and a platform to help thousands of women take charge of their health, their wellness, and their happiness.

How I said goodbye to hating Mondays!


In 2016, was when I decided to take a leap of faith and try this crazy thing called Beachbody Coaching full-time therefore firing my boss of 17 years. I was without a doubt the biggest skeptic! My exact words were, “No I am NOT a sales person” But today I am happy to report, that I am now one of those who shares EVERYTHING she loves and tries with others. 

I have built an entire business based on doing home workouts and helping others do the same. I help people get healthier and happier with a team of people I teach to do the same. From living paycheck to paycheck, to doing every job imaginable, to where I am today, a business owner who gets paid to work out. My team is my family! We do this together and we will do this with you should you ever decide to take that same leap of faith.

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